Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Wide Receivers



with Terrence Samuel,
Michigan State University Wide Receivers Coach

Thirteen-year coaching veteran and a former stand-out wide receiver at Purdue University, Terrence Samuel gives his insights on developing young athletes into championship-level wide receivers. Using both practice film and game footage, Coach Samuel, Michigan State University’s wide receiver coach, shares the tools that can help receivers at all skill levels-beginning to advanced-improve their play.

Coach Samuel’s powerhouse presentation shows you how to develop your receivers’ “football IQ” by mastering separation skills and leverage position, extending the catch point, reading the corner, and applying the half-man rule.

Improve players’ catch technique with a detailed analysis of the six types of catches and the best time to use each one. This section also includes several drills to practice catching under different circumstances. You’ll also learn proper stance and release techniques as well as a full repertoire of pass routes. Finally, Coach Samuel provides instruction and drills to make your receivers a force in the run game as well.

From stance and release to route running and breaks, this instructional presentation gives examples and drills to help wide receivers improve every aspect of their game–catching, stance, release, breaks, routes, run after catch and blocking. Develop the full potential of your athletes with this amazing presentation from one of the best wide receivers to play and coach the game.