Teaching Your Athletes the Skill of Focus

  • Train your team to perform their very best – game after game!
  • Learn how to teach and apply the SKILL of FOCUS to your program
  • Learn how to be totally FOCUSED, and then REFOCUSED for the next game … EVERY GAME
with Dr. Rick McGuire,
University of Missouri, 30 year NCAA Division 1 coach and nationally recognized leader in Applied Sport PsychologyWouldn’t it be great if your athletes were totally dialed in, totally focused, game after game? In this presentation, Dr. Rick McGuire, a 30 year NCAA Division-I coach and nationally recognized leader in Applied Sport Psychology, provides a clear and concise “how to” guide that will enable coaches at all levels to teach their athletes the SKILL of FOCUS!

McGuire will show you that learning focusing skills is both a process and a practice. He takes you through a progressive 5-step process that make focus a weapon in your athletes’ arsenals. McGuire identifies the “here and now” as the most critical time and place for your athletes to focus when performing.

McGuire teaches you how to lead your athletes to “buy in” and to develop a tough, unified “right here right now” mindset, ready to perform and totally focused. Dr. McGuire reinforces his concepts with sound foundations of sport psychology and proven professional methods. You will learn how to implement this program to make the mental aspect of sport a strength for your program.

Dr. McGuire is a gifted and passionate teacher. You will learn how to implement a routine to teach your athletes how to get into their “zone” for peak performance no matter what sport you coach. Next time your team performs in a competitive environment, make certain they are totally FOCUSED and ready to deliver their best by using Dr. McGuire’s proven techniques!