Teaching the Fundamentals of Olympic Lifts


with Gayle Hatch,
member in both the USA Weightlifting and USA Strength and Conditioning Coaches Halls of Fame; Head Coach of the men’s 2004 USA Olympic Weightlifting Team in Athens, Greece;
Architect of eight BCS National Championship football teams that use the Gayle Hatch Olympic based strength & conditioning program: Alabama (3x BCS Championships), LSU (2x), FSU (1x), Tennessee (1x), and Miami (1x).

In a 2005 study (Tricoli), it was determined that Olympic weight lifting was more effective in increasing speed, squat jump performance and counter-movement performance than a vertical jump program. Similarly, in a 2004 study (Hoffman), it was determined that Olympic weight lifting improves vertical jump and 40 speed more than a power lifting program.

Introducing your athletes to the Olympic lifts has never been easier. In this DVD, Hall of Fame weight lifting coach, Gayle Hatch, walks you through the proper techniques and fundamentals for the Olympic lifts. Coach Hatch proteges have gone on to coach strength and conditioning at Alabama, LSU, Florida State, Tennessee and more.

This DVD is packed with five decades of World Champion training philosophy, and weight room demonstrations with a young athlete learning from the master of strength and conditioning.

You will see how Hatch breaks down the workout into progressive training sections:

  • Warm-Ups
  • Full Squat Cleans
  • Clean and Jerks
  • Snatches
  • Squats

Coach Hatch also shares a few plyometric drills that can be incorporated into any off-season or weightlifting program.

The lifts and drills shown in the DVD are simple to perform and require a minimal amount of training equipment. Hatch demonstrates a variety of lifting techniques that maximize power through the use of clean, precise, and efficient body movement. These techniques will keep your athletes from wasting any motion or energy. The techniques prove that a smaller athlete can be just as explosive as a larger athlete with his body acting in concert.

Order now and find out how a Hall of Fame Weightlifting coach trains his Olympic World Class weightlifters.