Teaching Movement Skills to Beginning & Intermediate Players

  • Movement training for all players from K-12
  • Simple, easy to follow progressions
  • Over 70 fun, rapid fire drills/options demonstrated
with Cheryl Butler,
Co-director of the Sports Performance Volleyball Club and co-owner of the Great Lakes Center in Aurora, Illinois.
She has been part of 67 National Championships and coached in Gold Medal National Championship matches in 14’s, 16’s and 18’s. Her travels have included Japan, China and Dominican Republic with the SPVB 18 Elite Team.Cheryl Butler shares a series of progressive drills perfect for teaching movement skills to players from kindergarten through high school. Each drill includes a 3-phase progression from the most elementary, total beginner to “real volleyball.”

These progressions arm you with multiple options of the same fundamental skill set that you can adapt to any level you coach.

This five-section DVD features:

  • Passing Progressions – A 12-activity progression that includes shuffle roll, shuffle-catch, and shuffle catch and toss in a variety of movement patterns.
  • Pass-Set-Attack – A four-activity progression to teach basic passing, setting and attacking movements.
  • Angle Work Progression – A five-activity segment to assist players in getting around the ball and into passing position.
  • Partner Passing Drills Series – 20 rapid fire drills with skill sets for all levels of players.
  • Ball Movement Drills – Butler presents a 10-drill series that includes 30 demonstrated progressive options.

As a bonus, a PDF attachment of all of these drills and more is included on the DVD.This presentation is unique because it offers a comprehensive skill set that can be used with players K-12. The drills are easy to understand, easy to implement and are sure to help you better your players’ movement skills!