Sprint Training the Jamaican Way

  • Comprehensive training program includes drills for developing sprint strength and power
  • Macrocycle and microcycle seasonal plan breakdowns
  • Add finishing power to your 100s and 200s
  • Maurice Wilson: Jamaican National Track & Field Team Assistant Coach (Sprints)
with Maurice Wilson, Jamaican National Track & Field Team Head Coach (2012 Olympic Games);
Jamaican National Track & Field Team Assistant Coach (Sprints) at the 2008 and 2004 Olympic Games and in four World Championships;
Head Coach to the 2002 and 2001 Jamaican World Junior Teams;
Head Girls Track Coach at Holmwood Technical High School in Manchester (JA) where his squads have taken seven consecutive girls National ChampionshipsIn recent years, Jamaican runners have dominated the sprints, consistently producing some of the world’s fastest athletes. In this unique 10-part series offered exclusively by Championship Productions, renowned Jamaican coach Maurice Wilson shares the training secrets of elite runners.

Wilson knows that sprinting takes refinement and technique-not just raw talent. His high school runners, who have captured an unprecedented seven consecutive national titles, are the heart of Jamaica’s sprinting success. In this 10-part presentation, you’ll get an insider’s look at Wilson’s holistic approach to shaping world-class athletes, from warm-up drills to proven race-day strategies-and more. As an added bonus, you’ll also receive an insightful segment on the historical building blocks of Jamaica’s inspirational sprinting program.

Presentation summary:

Part 1: Warm-Up – Minimize the risk of injuries with this dynamic 9-drill warm-up method.

Part 2: Running Drills – Incorporate proper running techniques into training drills with this 9-part sequence.

Part 3: Strength Philosophies – Develop stronger runners using Wilson’s philosophy for strength development.

Part 4: Strength Work – Learn three variations of Wilson’s strength program: circuit training, hip strength and stability strength.

Part 5: Contrast Training – Create power and endurance with these five contrast-training strategies.

Part 6: Training Program Breakdown – See how macrocycle and microcycle training phases can turn your squad into an athletic powerhouse.

Part 7: Meet Preparation – Prepare your athletes for critical meets with competition-day preparation and tapering plans.

Part 8: Competition Day Preparation – Uncover the secrets of using rest, diet and mental planning to enhance race-day performance.

Part 9: Race Strategies – Give your athletes an edge on competition day with proven strategies for the 100- and 200-meter races.

Part 10: Injury prevention – Maximize the chances of an injury-free season for you and your runners with Wilson’s holistic training philosophies.

Build a stronger running program with proven training techniques developed by a renowned coach and used by world-class sprinters! Order this unique 10-part DVD presentation today.