Sprint Freestyle with Kara Lynn Joyce and Jimmy Feigen

  • Improve your Swimming & Diving coaching!
  • Learn from Kara Lynn Joyce, Jimmy Feigen and more!
  • Take your team to the next level!
  • Learn from the best, to become your best!
with Kara Lynn Joyce;
Three-time Olympian (’04, ’08, ’12), Four-time Olympic Silver Medalist, Nine-time NCAA Individual Champion, 27-time NCAA All-American
Jimmy Feigen,
Olympic Silver Medalist (’12), NCAA Champion, 24-time NCAA All AmericanIn Sprint Freestyle with Jimmy Feigen and Kara Lynn Joyce you’ll get inside the minds’ of two of the best sprinters in the world. These are champions who exude a unique combination of power, grace, and speed.

Feigen and Joyce are champions in the pool and expert clinicians. They are well versed at breaking down the components of sprint freestyle in a way that everyone can understand.

Sprinting requires stroke technique, strength, conditioning and mental preparation. Jimmy and Kara Lynn present demonstrations, drills and explanations that will prepare you for all aspects of freestyle sprinting.

If you are an aspiring sprinter this DVD is made for you! You will learn how these champions practice and prepare for a race. You will learn why and how! Never before has a video been able to explicitly capture the intangibles that make the best swimmers in the world as good as they are!

Unscripted and candid insight combined with the use of many simultaneous cameras give an unrivaled, helpful perspective of the look and feel of every movement and every stroke!

Swim Like a Champion – Sprint Freestyle is a “must have” for any serious sprinter. Watch it again and again until you can “Swim Like a Champion!” It’s like having your own private coach.