Softball Hitting Absolutes

  • Recognize the absolutes of hitting to develop a better swing
  • Learn to use a negative move followed by a positive move to maximize power
  • Learn to diagnose the problems with your hitters swing, correct them and make them better hitters
  • Increase your knowledge of swing mechanics and see live examples as well as video analysis
with Ehren Earleywine, University of Missouri Head Softball Coach;
3 WCWS appearances; 2x Big 12 Coach of the Year; 3xNFCA Midwest Coach of the Year; over 280 career winsMaximize your potential at the plate!

There is a well-defined list of absolutes that every accomplished hitter follows. But within those absolutes, there are also styles. Style can be different for every hitter, but every successful hitter needs to be good at the absolutes. In this unique video, two-time Big 12 Coach of the Year, Ehren Earleywine describes the absolutes and distinguishes the styles.

Coach Earleywine discusses the differences between absolutes and styles in hitting. Moving in expert step-by-step detail from the stance to finish, Earleywine categorizes the multiple swing mechanics that must be present in a great hitter’s swing and the absolutes associated with each.

This video includes 10 hitting phases: the stance, negative move or load, positive move, toe touch or launch position, rotation, bat path, connection, contact, extension, and the finish. These “absolutes” are explained in detail, demonstrated by current players, then shown in a live game with video analysis software. He also includes side-by-side video analysis of experienced hitters and beginning hitters executing these mechanics.

No matter what level you’re competing at, Coach Earleywine’s hitting mechanics breakdown will enable you to understand the difference between the “style” of your swing and the “absolutes” a great hitter must possess.

You don’t need every absolute to be successful, but continued pursuit of the absolutes will definitely maximize your hitting performance. Softball Hitting Absolutes enables you to pursue the absolutes efficiently and effectively.