Skills and Drills for Pitching Velocity

  • Learn to use linear and rotational movement to increase velocity
  • Identify the parts of the body and related muscles that affect velocity the most
  • Find simple drills and exercises to improve velocity
with Randy Mazey, West Virginia University Head Coach;
former Texas Christian University Pitching CoachIncrease your pitching velocity this season!Randy Mazey, who’s pitching staff at TCU finished the 2008 season with a 3.63 ERA (fifth in Division I), identifies four areas that aid velocity – Linear movement, Finger placement, Large muscle strength and Rotation – and demonstrates simple, yet effective drills that will build each area in your pitcher. In a frame-by-frame video analysis of his athletes pitching, Coach Mazey presents you with examples of how leg strength, hip rotation and timing will aid your staff in developing greater velocity in their pitches.

Without the use of a state-of-the-art weight room, Mazey demonstrates simple exercises that can be done anywhere and require minimal equipment, yet deliver maximum velocity. Mazey shows you how to improve velocity by simulating the pitching motion in conditioning exercises, including a long toss drill that can build arm speed and affirm the proper release point of the pitch. He also discusses the importance of implementing rest into your pitching program.

In addition, a series of stretch band arm exercises are demonstrated that can improve arm and shoulder strength, keep pitchers healthy and mechanically sound and increase velocity over time.

By using these simple shoulder and core exercises you will see an increase in your pitching staffs’ velocity, which should translate to more quality starts from your staff.