Skills and Drills for Outfielders

  • Learn how to anticipate better in the outfield
  • Get valuable drills to improve your jump on the ball
  • Learn fielding techniques critical to outfield play
with Randy Mazey, West Virginia University Head Coach;
former Texas Christian University Pitching CoachGet to more balls in the outfield this season.Randy Mazey, a three-time All ACC outfielder at Clemson, takes pride in outfield defense and he believes that an outfielder that plays with pride is a better player for it. He shares his philosophies on the importance of outfield play and how to become a good outfielder in the game of baseball.

Coach Mazey divides outfield play into mental preparation and physical preparation.

  • Learn how to stay focused for every pitch and how anticipation through visualization can aid in getting to the ball quicker.
  • Discover a variety of footwork and timing techniques to improve your jump on the ball no matter where the ball is hit.
  • Learn to field ground balls and fly balls in throwing and non-throwing situations.
  • Get valuable drills for training your players to get better jumps, find the ball quicker and chase it down.

Mazey’s instruction features hands-on demonstrations and frame-by-frame video analysis of a live TCU scrimmage.

Mazey closes the video with tips for practicing outfield play and explains the outfield responsibilities for backing up bases and getting the ball back to the infield.

Improve your mental and physical approach to outfield play this season using the proven techniques and drills in this excellent DVD.