Skills and Drills for Infielders

  • Learn essential mechanics for fielding five key ground balls
  • Get crucial drills for making difficult plays in the infield
  • Get to more balls in the infield and make the play
with Todd Whitting,
University of Houston Head Coach;
former Texas Christian University Associate Head Coach;
Six straight MWC Championships (2004-09);
School record .976 fielding percentage in 2008Get more range from your infielders and make more plays.Todd Whitting delivers a step-by-step overview of the fielding mechanics needed for sound infield play. See how your athletes can get to more balls in the infield using Whitting’s stance techniques, ball reading tips, glove and body positioning and throwing technique.

Develop vital skills for attacking five key ground balls:

  • Footwork Ball – Get a great first step on the ball hit right at you.
  • Glove Side Angle – Tutor your fielders to stay behind the ball.
  • Glove Side Retreat – Teach your players to field the ball on the best hop.
  • Back Hand Side – Learn four ways to field any ball hit to your throwing side.
  • Slow Roller – Get the essentials for making this do-or-die play.

Learn to set up and run 14 key drills for training your athletes to field slow rollers, short hops, in-between hops, recover after a “kicked” ball, dive for a ball and more.

This baseball DVD is filled with the essential skills and drills you need to improve your infield and solidify your defense.