Skills and Drills for Baserunning

  • Win more games by running the bases smarter
  • Understand base-to-base situations
  • Get out of the batter’s box quicker
with Randy Mazey, West Virginia University Head Coach;
former Texas Christian University Pitching CoachMake baserunning instinctive for your players.Randy Mazey’s number one baserunning rule at TCU is: Know where the baseball is at all times. Throughout the DVD, Mazey demonstrates how your players can locate the baseball while effectively running the bases.

Train your players to get a feel for the bases using Mazey’s drill progression for baserunning. This drill progression will help your players get a feel for the bases so that in game situations they can locate the baseball as they run the bases.

Take a tour of the bases as Mazey explains each base-to-base situation as a TCU athlete demonstrates the key points. Learn various base approaches, lead offs, and steals from each base as they relate to game situations. Watch frame-by-frame video analysis of a live scrimmage highlighting critical need-to-know techniques and concepts.

Increase your success on the base paths using Mazey’s concepts on preparing for overthrows, watching the ball out of the pitcher’s hand, how to slide and when to slide.

Need a great drill for baserunning practice? Mazey delivers a drill that encompasses every baserunning technique into one effective drill.

Baserunning can change the outcome of an inning, a game, or a season. Prepare your team for success on the base paths with this essential baserunning DVD.