Six Keys to Successful Goaltending

With Dom Starsia

University of Virginia Head Coach; 3X National Champions (2006, 2003, 1999), 7X ACC Coach of the Year (winningest coach in conference history); National Lacrosse Hall of Fame (2008)

Coach Dom Starsia led the University of Virginia men’s lacrosse team to 11 consecutive NCAA tournaments including two national championships in ’99 and ’03. In this video, he gives a detailed look at goalie play, an area his Virginia teams have consistently excelled in. Starsia reveals seven key components he defines as the basics of goalie play. He then covers in detail the stance, warm-up routine, game-like drills, and breakout drills to help create the perfect goalie. Using game footage, markerboard diagrams, and on-field demonstrations, Starsia provides coaches at all levels with the tools needed to develop a rock-solid goalie.

48 minutes.