Signature Move Series – Mark Perry: The Claw Series

  • Dominate on top
  • Earn more bonus points from the top position
  • Basic, effective moves for any wrestler
  • Gain the fall no matter what the situation
with Mark Perry,
University of Illinois Associate Head Coach;
2013 Amateur Wrestling News Division I Assistant Coach of the Year;
former Cal Poly State University Co-Head Wrestling Coach;
2x NCAA Champion and 4x All American at the University of IowaLearn to turn and pin any opponent you face.For the first-time ever, two time NCAA Champion Mark Perry passes along the techniques and strategies that made him a dominating force from the top position.

Coach Perry begins with an in-depth look at his favorite pinning technique – the Claw Series. Perry shows you how to beat your opponent inside quicker and the best way to ensure success no matter which way your opponent turns his head. Once secured, Perry gives you six different combinations you can use to earn back points or a fall. These moves range from simple to advanced and work with any style of wrestler. What makes this series so effective, is that Perry shows you how to use these moves in combination. So, if your opponent is able to stop one attack, you can flow easily into another combination to score. Never give up a fall again!

In addition, Perry shows you a pinning technique with both legs in that will secure a fall every time, as well as pinning combinations from the “far side” of the claw and three cradle options.

This instructional wrestling DVD will give you the ability to earn more bonus points from the top position