Short Game Practice Drills and Error Correction

  • Learn tips and techniques to master any shot from inside 120 yards
  • Overcome poor drives and errant approach shots
  • Discover how to correct common flaws in the short game
  • Learn how to be more confident in club selection – and on the green
with Jimmy Stobs,
Barry University Head Men’s Golf Coach;
Back-to-Back NCAA Division II National Champions (2013-14); 3x National Championship Coach (2014, ’13 & ’07); 2x GCAA National Coach of the Year (2013 & 2007)The short game is arguably the most important element of golf! An effective short game can overcome poor drives and errant approach shots. Join short game guru Jimmy Stobs, two-time National Championship coach at Barry University, as he discusses best practices for strengthening this important component of play.

Coach Stobs begins with an analysis of common putting, pitching and chipping errors followed by followed by techniques to correct these errors. He includes practice drills that can be used near the putting green and on the course to help players become more creative, more focused, and more confident in their ability to hit the proper shots with the proper clubs-not just for par but for birdies as well.

Coach Stobs shares three drills for training the most important aspect of successful putting – speed. The “Bumper,” “Last Roll,” and “Water Bottle” drills teach perfect line and speed. Two additional putting drills are included to help build confidence in short putts (six foot and in) and to eliminate cutting putts.

Pitching, Chipping and Sand Work
Coach Stobs explores common errors in pitching and chipping, and the techniques to correct them. He covers everything from the set-up to grip pressure to flipping of the hands. Also included in this section is a tried-and-true drill that focuses on using the bounce of the club.

You will learn the correct set-up and swing angle to consistently get out of the sand and closer to the cup. Starting with the set-up, Stobs covers the stance and hand position to gain a better entry into the sand.

Practice Drills
The practice session closes with a series of six creative drills and variations designed to sharpen the short game. These drills help players practice the lob, gap, pitching and sand wedges in different situations from 120 yards and in. Bump and run and distance control, a fresh new look to master any shot from any distance around the green.

Now, you can teach players how to save strokes after poorly hit tee shots and errant iron shots with proven tips, drills and techniques from this excellent video.