Shooting Technique & Drills for Championship Lacrosse

With John Danowski

Duke University Head Coach; 2007 NCAA Runner-Up; 2007 ACC Coach of the Year

A complete shooter has a variety of moves and can beat a goalie with a variety of shots on any given day. To help your players become complete shooters the staff at Duke demonstrates the finer points of the mechanics of shooting, shooting on the run and crease play. The key parts of shooting they hit on include front foot placement, hips, stomach, chest, shoulders and hands. A different skill is shooting on the run, which is likened to a lay-up in basketball. Players must develop the ability to jump off the inside foot to create space between them and the defender. Another term for “move to the ball” is “up the hash.” This term describes a key skill for shooting and scoring and is also demonstrated. At Duke they teach the hands must be away from the body, called “kissing the shoulder.” Players show this skill in the “Swat the fly” drill. A move before shooting is the diagonal/back door to the cage. This drill is demonstrated by Duke players live in practice. The next segment highlights the C cut and the fade cut. The pop and slip techniques are also explained. The skills and drills in this DVD are important to all offensive-minded lacrosse players.

39 minutes.

Sample video