Secrets of the Short Game: Bunting Technique and Drills

  • Get detailed strategy and offensive advantages to bunting
  • Receive an in-depth breakdown of bunting techniques, including Coastal practice footage
  • Learn how to “sell” bunting to your athletes
  • Gary Gilmore 9x Big South Coach of the 14 Eight 40+ win seasons
with Gary Gilmore,
Coastal Carolina University Head Coach;
2016 NCAA College World Series Champions;
2016 NCBWA National Coach of the Year
2016 Big South Coach of the Year (has won the award 9 times), 10x Big South Conference Champions; over 1,000 career wins – 14 40+ win seasonsUse the short game to increase run production, force the defense to adjust and get in your opponent’s head!Gary Gilmore presents a comprehensive look at the philosophy, strategy and technique of bunting.Learn how to “sell” bunting to your athletes using Gilmore’s 12 Reasons to Become a Good Bunter.

Gilmore teaches the “trade” of bunting including the many advantages, strategies and reasons for using the bunt. He demonstrates the tricks and techniques of bunting including positioning within the batter’s box, hand positioning, balancing the bat, bat height and angle, the speed of the bunt, how to squat and drag bunt, word cues for coaching, and much more. Gilmore teaches bunting for both right- and left-handed hitters.

Learn where the Hurry Zone, Panic Zone and Four Hole Box are for fielding a bunt and the best situations to bunt for a base hit.

Use Gilmore’s practice footage to model bunting technique for your athletes. This study film uses both right- and left-handed batters in a variety of baserunning situations.

This baseball bunting DVD is your all-inclusive guide for learning and practicing the bunt and integrating it into your short game and scoring philosophy.