Running a Fast Tempo Offense

  • Overload and overwhelm opposing blockers and defenses
  • Force single or zero block situations for your offense
  • Train setters to set a variety of play sets that will keep your opponents off-balance and guessing
  • Teach a quick, flat passing tempo in order to set up your offense
  • Transition quickly from defense to offense
with Matt Peck,
Middle Tennessee State Women’s Volleyball Coach;
4x Sun Belt Conference Tournament champions, 2x Sun Belt conference Coach of the YearIncrease your team’s aggressiveness and overall attacking speed!

Matt Peck guides you through the technique, timing, and strategy for generating a quick-tempo attack out of serve receive and defense. This quick-tempo offense will challenge your opponents and create favorable match-ups for your hitters!Coach Peck breaks his instruction down into six parts:

Passing Tempo: Coach Peck explains the form and technique used for driving quick, flat passes to initiate a quick-tempo offense and provides goals for the amount of time the pass should take to get from the passer to the setter.

Serve Receive Offense: This segment explains how to run a diverse, multiple hitter quick-attack offense without calling set plays. Peck explains how hitters should call their attacks based on the look provided by the defense and how the setters can read the blockers in order to get their hitters in 1-on-1 and zero blocker situations.

Play Sets: Coach Peck provides technique and timing cues for running a zero-tempo quick attack (in front of and behind the setter) and “three” attack with the middle blocker. He also gives technique and timing cues for running a “thirty two” and “two” attack with the outside hitter.

Controlled Serve Receive: This is a progressive fast-paced drill that allows hitters and setters to cycle through and get many quality repetitions out of serve receive. Starting with just hitters and setters working off the pass to establish timing, Peck discusses strategies to stress opposing blockers. Blockers are then added to the drill, challenging both the offense and defense.

Opposite: Coach Peck gives technique and timing cues for running quick-tempo back set attacks to the pin, seam, and just off the setter. He explains how the approach footwork and set tempo differs for right and left-handed attackers. Transition footwork progressions are provided for opposites and middles to get from the block to the attack.

Transition: The final segment examines how to effectively transition from the block to the attack and generate scoring opportunities by staying in tempo. Coach Peck first explains basic transition footwork patterns using “turn and run” and “shuffle” techniques. He then demonstrates the “jab approach” technique, which allows attackers to maintain a quick tempo when they do not have time to get off the net. A progressive set of transition drills shows how to get quality transition repetitions out of multiple defensive situations, and the video ends with a live scrimmage in order to show all of these techniques used in a game setting.

This entire video takes place on the court and all of the techniques and drills are performed by live demonstrators. There is an incredible amount of live-action play used to show these concepts naturally occurring in game situations. Throughout this informative presentation, Coach Peck provides running commentary and timely insights into the action taking place on the court.

Get the drills and strategies you need to make your opponents scramble to keep up with your fast tempo offense.