Princeton Hybrid Offense Playbook Download


This playbook was designed to help teams that are interested in unlocking the secrets to the Princeton offense. This playbook will show coaches how to install the Princeton offense throughout all levels of their programs. This offense can grow and develop as the players within your program grow and develop their ability to read screens and make decisions. This E-book will give each coach a blue-print for installing their version of the Princeton offense. Each coach can individualize the system to fit their personnel and their individual situation. The book starts with defining the areas of the court and the sets that comprise the Princeton offense. Entries are shown, that will help link the sets together and make for a seamless offense that will flow from one set to the next. Each individual series will be discussed, along with the options that each player has during that series. Several Bonus sections have been included: The Bingo section discusses the various actions that will place a perimeter player into the post and bring the post out to the perimeter, allowing for a truly versatile offense that is extremely hard to defend. The Entries section will show a number of initiating entries that will give the defense a different look and move players to different positions. The Plays section will give a number of quick hitters and inbounds plays that will add to the variety of entries into the Princeton offense. There is even a section entitled offensive flow that will demonstrate how seamlessly the various series and sets flow together. Once your team has mastered this offense, the best advice is to get a good zone offense, so: I have also added a simple zone offense that is utilized by several college programs that are also running the Princeton offense.

Coach Peterman