The Pistol Spread Option Offense: Triple Threat Run Game

  • Learn a new way to run the traditional power plays out of the pistol spread offense
  • This zone package gives your offense the ability to nullify a team’s best defensive player
  • Easily turn two plays into 15 different options
with Anthony Pratley,
former Concordia University (Ann Arbor) Offensive Coordinator;
innovator of the Pistol Spread Option OffenseAnthony Pratley delivers the new look Pistol Spread Option with a Triple Threat Run Game. This video includes the different phases of the running game including Zone Read, Jet and the Power game in the Pistol Spread Option. He also demonstrates how to use formations like the empty set and Wildcat to give the defense a variety of looks.Pratley walks you through the basics of the Triple Threat Run Game and dissects it into the pieces you need to implement it. He breaks down the zone blocking rules for the offensive line with easy-to-remember terms to block any defensive front. He breaks down the three types of steps lineman need to know to execute these plays, and he teaches “help calls” to modify blocking techniques through the course of a game.

Pratley provides “tag” words to make every base play into a triple option. Pratley then discusses different ways to run the play by simply changing your read player.

Once the zone read triple option is covered, Pratley goes over his power blocking scheme, which has very similar rules making it easy for the offensive line to remember. And of course, all of the power plays have a triple option element built into them by using the same tag words as before. So you’re really only teaching two plays, with two ways to block, yet with all the tag words and lineman calls it changes your two plays into 15+ powerful running plays.

Pratley uses an animated PowerPoint, diagrams and game footage to clearly teach each step in implementing a successful triple option run game into any offensive system.

Defenses will have to spend time and energy preparing for what looks like an extremely diverse offense, while for your players will find it simple to understand and execute. This system can get the ball into your playmakers hands in many different ways!