The Pistol Spread Option Offense: Passing Game

  • Get everything you need to install a complete passing game out of the Pistol Offense
  • Learn how to read defenses and take advantage of defensive weakness
  • Learn a simple way to install all of the passes with common terminology
with Anthony Pratley,
former Concordia University (Ann Arbor) Offensive Coordinator;
innovator of the Pistol Spread Option OffenseThe Option game has always lacked one major thing to make it an effective and viable come-from-behind offense–the passing game. Now Anthony Pratley shows you how to incorporate an effective passing game into the Pistol Spread Option Offense.Coach Pratley goes into great detail on the ins and outs of his high powered pistol offense. Using easy to remember tag phrases and simple blocking solutions for blitzing defenses, Pratley dissects the passing game into three essential pieces: the short passing game, play-action passes, and the deep passing game giving you a unique, explosive way to get the ball down the field for the big play.

He breaks down the route combinations and illustrates how to get the defense into a look that you want using simple motions and shifts. Coach Pratley details everything from the QB footwork and reads to the route concepts and what each concept is designed to attack.

The video teaches quarterbacks the correct reading progression and defensive keys and alignments to make simple, highly effective throws. Pratley provides keys on how and when the play action game is most effective and how to stretch the field and have a “home run” play on every passing snap.

What makes this video unique is that it is a multiple passing attack simplified for all levels of competition. Not only does Coach Pratley illustrate his passing attack, but he also gives the read progression and blocking assignments for the offensive line and running backs to take advantage of the defenses weak points.

He uses an animated PowerPoint, diagrams and game footage to drive home each step in implementing a successful passing game into any offensive system.

This video is a must have for any passing offense that wants to have multiple options to effectively complement the pistol offense.