The Pistol Spread Option Offense: Formations, Shifts, Motions and Screens

  • Get your best athlete the football in space more often
  • Create personnel match ups that will work to your advantage
  • Learn how to use the Pistol Spread Option to compliment your current offense
with Anthony Pratley,
former Concordia University (Ann Arbor) Offensive Coordinator;
innovator of the Pistol Spread Option OffenseCreate mass confusion for your opponents using a variety of formations, shifts, motions, and screens out of the Pistol Spread Option Offense. Anthony Pratley delivers a unique system of offense that is easy to install and teach, yet highly effective on the field.

In this DVD, Coach Pratley teaches the basics of the Pistol Spread Option Offense and illustrates a simple way to label and identify different formations, motions and shifts. He demonstrates how you can use different alignments and teaching progressions to force the defense defend the whole field.

He explains how to get into formations that will place stress on the defense – like Empty and Wildcat sets – by using just one word. He highlights a variety of ways to get your best athlete the football in space and to create match-ups that will make your offense successful.

Learn how the flexibility of this system allows you to run almost any play or style of offense without having to scrap your current system. He uses an animated PowerPoint, diagrams and game footage to make the video easy to understand and easy to teach to your players.

Coach Pratley’s system is a great way to confuse opposing defenses and very helpful in learning and designing different formations and motions.