Open Practice with Patty Gasso

  • Learn how to run a fast-paced team practice
  • Learn outfield drills to improve a player’s ability to track a fly ball, get around a ground ball and throw to any base
  • Discover how range drills can enhance team athleticism
  • Learn drills that encourage quick decision-making while base running
  • Discover how to use hitting stations to work simultaneously with multiple hitters
with Patty Gasso, Oklahoma University Head Coach;
2016 WCWS Champions – 3x WCWS National Champions including 2013 – the first ever WCWS champion to lead the nation in scoring and ERA;
Distinguished member of the National Fastpitch Coaches Hall of Fame (2012);
2016 Big 12 Coach of the Year – the 9th time she has won the award, which includes five straight honors (2012-16);
12x Big 12 Champions (8 regular season and four tournament titles); 2012 WCWS Runners-up; Over 1,100 career victoriesSee how Patty Gasso molds her team into one of the best, year after year. Coach Gasso opens practice with aggressive angle-down plays and drills, and then moves on to infield and outfield defensive drills. Finally, the team takes batting practice in the cages and pitchers get a quick pitching workout in the bullpen.

Here’s a breakdown on how Coach Gasso proceeds through her DVD presentation.

Team Drills: Angle Down, Range, and Ball Reading Drills
Coach Gasso begins practice with angle-down plays, as players alternate between hitting in this situation, and running the bases. This is a very quick-paced routine with lots of offensive skills being practiced in a short period of time. Players are then challenged to extend their range as they move on to infield and outfield drills. Gasso pulls the entire team together for ball-reading drills, in which coaches hit bloopers between the infielders and outfielders. This gives the defense a chance to improve communication and overall awareness of the field.

Infield drills
Coach Gasso breaks the team into positions and focuses on the foundation of a good defense. The infielders use smaller gloves and balls to perfect their footwork and glove work before moving on to practice executing on balls hit to either side, throwing on the run, and double plays. You’ll see Coach Gasso’s time-based drill, where the infielders try to beat the clock. This is one of several techniques that Coach Gasso to prepare her defense for pressure they’ll encounter in game situations.

Outfield drills
Similar to infield drills, the fundamentals and drop steps of outfield drills are practiced using smaller balls and no gloves. Players gradually progress to drills where they must track batted balls and field fly balls from a pitching machine. Coach Gasso spends a significant amount of time working with her outfielders on balls hit into the gaps. These plays require the outfielder to cut off the ball and come up throwing quickly, while keeping the arm action of the throw short. By getting these balls cut off and back to the infield quickly, the defense can stop runners from advancing and scoring.

Batting cages
The action shifts to the batting cages where the hitters rotate through four different stations. Multiple stations enable hitters to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. The Sooner hitters work on fundamentals from two tee stations. They also have a front toss and live cage, allowing them to see several pitches thrown live to them, giving them a chance to practice their timing and approach.

Bullpen Pitching
Coach Gasso’s practice session ends at the bullpen, where one a pitcher goes through a series of drills, preparing to throw live on the field. After performing a few drills to work on fundamentals, the pitcher warm-ups up all of her pitches in a specific sequence. The first few drills are physical drills, but the final drill is a performance drill involving pitch sequence combinations. It is important to work both on physical drills and performance-execution drills, as pitching live to hitters requires proficiency in both.

One player at a time, position by position, until they’re working in unison, Coach Gasso shows you her secrets for preparing her team. This is a must-see video to help bring your team to the next level.