Mega Softball Drills: Fielding

  • See over 50 drills to make any ground ball an out
  • Improve first-step quickness and approach to any batted ball
  • Develop quick, soft hands
  • Turn more double plays
with John Tschida, University of St. Thomas Head Coach;
member of the NFCA Hall of Fame (2016);
Over 800 career wins; highest winning percentage in D-III softball history (.845 winning percentage);
3x national championship coach, first coach to win national title at two schools;
2x NFCA Division III National Coach of the Year; 11x MIAC Coach of the YearMold your team into a championship caliber defensive squad!

NCAA Division III All-Time winningest coach, John Tschida, leads you through over 50 drills that will emphasize proper fielding mechanics and technique to develop ready position, approach, soft hands, diving technique, flips, double plays and relay throws in your players’ to get the most out of them defensively.

Coach Tschida starts by showing a proper ready position and how to react to the ball coming into play. These drills will show your fielders how to take the most efficient path to the ball and make the play.

Tschida moves into first step approach drills, developing good hands and diving drills. He emphasizes proper mechanics at all times and uses his players to demonstrate each of these techniques. Finally, Tschida takes you through double plays, relays and cuts, and tags.

Tschida’s on-field demonstration of each drill allows you to see how to set-up and execute each drill. He also notes many common mistakes players make performing these drills and during game play, and shows you how you can correct them. This is the most comprehensive video library of drills on the market today that will help you to perfect your team’s defensive fundamentals and the mechanics required to get the most of your players’ abilities.