Mega Drills for Volleyball Mega Drills for Volleyball

  • Over 25 drills and games including suggestions on how to customize them for your team’s unique training needs
  • Learn out-of-system transition drills designed to promote communication and problem-solving at game-speed
  • Learn head-to-head and alternative-scoring drills designed to create a competitive environment in your gym
  • Control the pace and difficulty of your drills to make them as game like as possible
with Geoff Carlston, Ohio State University Head Coach;
2012 Sweet 16; former Ohio University Head Volleyball Coach, 4x Mid-American Conference Coach of the Year; 5x MAC ChampionsAdd fun, game-like drills to your drill library! In his easy-to-understand, conversational style Geoff Carlston of Ohio State University shares his favorite drills, games, and tips that will motivate your team to play consistently and aggressively.

Every aspect of the game of volleyball is covered. These drills touch on skills such as passing, digging, transition, blocking, serving and team concepts. Whether you have a large or small team, all of these drills can be incorporated into your practice. You will discover tips and tricks to get the most out of your court time.

  • Learn when to focus on technique and when to stress aggressiveness and speed
  • Control the pace and difficulty of your drills to make them as game like as possible
  • Build a library of drills that will really get your team talking on the court
  • Get your athletes performing consistently under pressure
  • Use multiple balls to add chaos to the court
  • Incorporate conditioning into volleyball-specific drills

Using players on court, Coach Carlston explains the purpose behind the drill, what he looks for during the execution of the drill and how it can be used to win the point and in which situation. Each drill includes progressions that take the drills from an individual skill drill to a team drill with a focus on team concepts. After each drill coach Carlston provides variations of the drill and explains how you can tailor the drill to meet the needs of your team.With drills such as Swedish, Spaz and Cricket your athletes will enjoy practice, yet be pushed and challenged to become better players and a stronger team. See how having a “Mountain Practice” can keep teams focused and goal oriented. In addition, Coach Carlston shares his tips for incorporating volleyball specific cardio training into your workout, as well as how to use audio/visual equipment at practice to improve the feedback you give to your players.

Never run out of drills again! This DVD gives you a complete practice that addresses all aspects of the game and will prepare your team to compete against your toughest opponent.