Mega Drills for the Sprints and Hurdles

  • Learn how to maximize the benefits that your athletes receive from their warm-up
  • Learn acceleration drills to optimize block starts and refine mid-race mechanics
  • Discover how to improve your athletes’ max velocity mechanics
  • Learn how to design hurdle workouts that simulate race day mechanics
with Cliff Rovelto, Kansas State University Head Track and Field Coach;
USTFCCCA National Coach of the Year; 5x Midwest Region Coach of the Year; Coach of Olympic Silver Medalist, Erik KynardAthletes often become stale during the season from repetitive routines and an excess of event-specific exercises. Cliff Rovelto teaches over 50 different drills that will inject necessary balance and variation into practices. Using proper technique and strength development as his guide, Coach Rovelto elaborates on every detail within his diverse library of drills and exercises.Warm-Up Drills
Discover the necessary components to include within each warm up, and how these work together to create a specific effect. Coach Rovelto offers a collection of his most effective drills, and the information needed to provide the perfect balance between consistency, variation and specificity for each practice.

Hurdle Mobility Drills
Targeting the mobility of the hips is extremely important for all athletes, and Coach Rovelto shows you how to effectively use hurdles as barriers to work through greater ranges of motion. You will learn which drills would be better used for the warm up, as well as which drills are purposed for the cool down.

Sprint Drills
This segment focuses on Coach Rovelto’s arsenal of drills to develop quality contact with the ground. Straight Leg Bounds, Alternate Walking Lunges, and Backwards Running drills will greatly diminish the chances of hamstring injuries. Using meticulous descriptions and exceptional demonstrations, Coach Rovelto gives the details and proper techniques associated with each drill.

Acceleration Drills
Learning how to establish and maintain quality contact with the ground can be one of the hardest skills for a coach to teach their athletes. Coach Rovelto shares a wide array of drills and exercises that will greatly improved each athlete’s ability to accelerate. With these unique and transcendent techniques in hand, as well as the information needed to most effectively implement them, you can plan on blowing away the competition.

Hurdle Drills
Get an exclusive look at the hurdle-specific drills that propelled Jeffrey Julmis to the 2012 London Olympic Games. Through a series of hurdle drills, Coach Rovelto shows you how to adapt sprint drills for your hurdlers. To make your hurdlers as successful as possible, he shares both the details of the drills as well as the philosophy behind them. Most importantly, you will learn how seldom use of event-specificity in practice can result in phenomenal performances when it counts.

Multiple Jump Training
Coach Rovelto goes over a wide array of exercises that will dramatically increase your athletes’ power and explosiveness. The presentation is extremely detailed, ensuring that you will learn how to best teach this one-of-a-kind set of exercises. You will learn how to most effectively time these exercises throughout the course of a season, too, leaving no stone unturned.

Warm Down
See how to safely and effectively warm your athletes down after any workout. Coach Rovelto covers the importance of emptying waste production from the body, as well as taking advantage of this time to improve your athletes’ range of motion.

This DVD is a must-have for teaching both proper technique and providing a wealth of drills and activities to keep athletes interested and learning. From a coach wanting to learn the basics of the sprints and hurdles to coaches looking for a series of drills for a specific sprint or hurdle issue, Coach Rovelto covers all your needs in more than 60 minutes worth of drills.