Luke Jensen’s Creative Shots and Strategies for Winning Doubles

  • Learn how to be an effective net player
  • Learn a fresh selection of drills that will aid your team’s shot selection, build confidence and fitness level
  • Take your team to the next level with fun, innovative drills in match-like settings
  • Features expert-level insight on winning strategies
with Luke Jensen,
Syracuse Women’s Tennis Head Coach,
ESPN tennis analyst,
10 ATP Tour doubles titles (includes the ’93 French Open doubles title),
University of Southern California (All-American).
In 1984 – was the #1-ranked junior singles/doubles player (in the world)Volleys, fakes, approaches, slices, overhead and recover, cross court interceptions/volleys/returns, reaction drills, footwork, and more – all are in store for you in this insightful, engaging doubles-orientated DVD. Jensen uses a series of action-orientated drills to keep his players on the move and gaining in skill, teamwork, fitness level and confidence.

Jensen is a natural teacher and coach and narrates the entire one hour+ DVD with insights, strategies, advice, reinforcement of posture/skills/footwork and more. Jensen shares his favorite doubles drill – “Net Battle – The Ultimate Reflex Double Volley Game” – you will love it. He also demonstrates “the best drill of the entire DVD series” – “How to Beat the Moonballer.”