Luke Jensen’s Competitive Singles and Doubles Drills

  • Learn how to reinforce necessary skills in a fun and purposeful way
  • Get your players to focus and concentrate under competitive situations
  • Learn 14 drills that will help your players grow into a better team
  • Features a fun narrative and insightful, encouraging tips from Jensen – both to his players and to you the coach
with Luke Jensen,
Syracuse Women’s Tennis Head Coach,
ESPN tennis analyst,
10 ATP Tour doubles titles (includes the ’93 French Open doubles title),
University of Southern California (All-American).
In 1984 – was the #1-ranked junior singles/doubles player (in the world)There are not many DVDs, in any sport, that make you smile as you watch because the coach’s infectious enthusiasm bubbles out through the DVD. This is one of those rare DVDs that teaches, reinforces, enlightens and ‘fills your tank up’ with innovation, creativity, fun, and purpose!

The drills on this DVD are peppered with tips and skill reinforcement for singles and doubles and are designed to encourage a competitive, match-like environment throughout your practices. The drills work on areas such as:

  • All groundstrokes
  • Many specialty strokes
  • The serve

The beauty of this DVD is that the way it is shot. You see Jensen working out a group of players, drill by drill, and the DVD patiently endures through the entire drill without any editing or voice over – Jensen is truly a “one shot wonder.” You see all the flaws and mistakes that you will see on your own courts. Through it all, Jensen patiently encourages, gives on-the-spot correction and encouragement and shares tidbits of wisdom that are part of his total package and value as a coach.

Jensen grew up in a tennis household; was the #1 junior in the world; HS and college All-American and excelled at the pro level – and is now imparting his advice to the women’s team at Syracuse and on international tennis events on ESPN.

This DVD is worth every dollar and every minute of time you’ll invest in it!