Junior Volleyball Association presents Mini Volleyball: Youth Volleyball Skills & Games

  • A useful series of expertly-presented skills and games to help your volleyball program flourish
  • Fresh, fun and innovative concepts that will help improve every practice session
  • A “must-have” DVD for anyone involved in teaching volleyball to 6-12 year olds
with Kathy Litzau,
Head Coach U11 Gold team (Milwaukee Sting); former UW-Milwaukee (’93 -’06) Head Volleyball Coach; 7x Horizon League Coach of the Year;
played volleyball for the University of Notre DameThis excellent DVD features skill progressions for teaching and developing fundamental volleyball skills with children aged 6 to12. Each progression begins with basic skill techniques and allows you add more to the skill as your athletes improve.

The volleyball skills covered in this DVD include:

  • Movement
  • Jumping
  • Passing
  • Underhand and Overhand Serving
  • Hitting
  • Overhead Passing
  • Setting

4-on-4 and 3-on-3 competitions provide your players the chance to practice their volleyball skills in a game-like setting. These competitions begin with simple concepts and as your players improve, you can add more advanced elements.

This DVD provides the techniques and games needed to develop your players’ skills and help you create active, high participation practice sessions. Anyone involved in coaching and/or teaching mini/youth volleyball will love this DVD!

Produced with the Junior Volleyball Association (JVA).