John Smith’s Chain Wrestling Formula

  • Train wrestlers to think and react in crunch time
  • Don’t get stuck relying on one technique to score
  • Always have an answer for your opponent’s defense
with John Smith,
Oklahoma State University Head Coach,
5x NCAA Championship coach, 2016 NCAA Runners-Up;
2016 Big 12 Coach of the Year – 9x Big 12 Coach of the Year;
2016 Big 12 Champions – 16 Big 12 Conference Championships;
2x Olympic Gold Medalist,
6x World Champion,
2x NCAA ChampionTrain your wrestlers to stay on the offensive, even when they’ve been stopped. Instill a chain wrestling mentality in your program!

Chain wrestling is a vital element to wrestling success. It gives your wrestlers the ability to string together a combination of moves once they get stopped that will lead to points.

Chain wrestling is a skill set that does not “just happen,” it is a skill set that needs to be trained. For the first time on DVD, five-time NCAA Championship coach John Smith shares his philosophy on chain wrestling and presents drilling ideas so that your wrestlers can put together a sequence of moves to dominate their opponent.

Smith delivers drill ideas for on the feet, defense, top and bottom position, freestyle and more. Smith’s demonstration will give you a blueprint on how to develop the sequence of moves you want to teach. He shows how to drill a high crotch to drag to a breakdown position, a chop to wrist control to arm bar, tight waist to getting back to your base to hip heist and more.

You cannot execute your moves successfully every time, so it’s imperative to stay on the offense even though you’ve been stopped. These drills will force your wrestlers to continue to wrestle until they score!