Jay Wright: 4-Out 1-In Motion Offense Plays

Every team has certain “go to” players who the coach knows can make certain shots when needed. In this highly valuable DVD, Jay Wright, head mens coach at Villanova, shows you “How to get the right person, the right shot, at the right time.” With the help of on-the-court demonstrators, Wright walks you through the basic set-up of the 4-out, 1-in motion offense and then shows you 15 unique plays you can run out of the offense. In this jam-packed, 70-minute presentation, you’ll learn how to transition into your motion offense directly out of a set play, and conversely, how to transition into a set play after running the motion offense and how to run plays as the shot clock or game clock is running down. Wright also reveals 4 out-of-bounds plays that will help you transition smoothly into the 4-out, 1-in motion game.