Installing the Spread Shotgun Wing-T Offense

With Lew Johnston,

Western Branch HS (VA) Head Coach, 4x District Champions, 4x Time District “Coach of the Year”

Coach Johnston’s “Spread Shotgun Wing-T Offense” uses the same principles and schemes as the regular Wing-T, making it easy to install and run. It also gives you the flexibility to take advantage of defenses packing the box, to change tempo by going “no huddle” or to utilize a great passing quarterback.

Defenses are starting to become all too familiar with the regular Wing-T, so the “Spread Shotgun Wing-T” can be used to throw your opponent a “change-up,” as well as forcing them to prepare for two different packages.

Johnston walks you through the alignment and splits of every player and teaches you how to call and receive plays from the sideline. Johnston specifically outlines the pre-snap reads that will determine the most successful play to run from the Shotgun Wing-T package

Coaches, with this football DVD, you can add an explosive new element to your offense without giving up the basic principles of your regular Wing-T Offense.

47 minutes.