Indoor Practice Drills: Outfielder Drills

With Scott Stricklin,

Kent State University Head Coach; 2006 Mid-American Conference Coach of the Year; 2008 & 2006 Mid-American Conference regular season titles

Coach Stricklin demonstrates a number of drills and technique that will allow you to work with your outfielders inside just as efficiently as if you were practicing outside. Concepts presented in this program are footwork, jumps, routes to balls, hitting the cut-off man, and fielding ground balls and line drives. After a body stretch, Stricklin has his outfielders warm-up by throwing on one knee. Throwing starts at 45 feet as they loosen the arm. Distances increase to 150 feet while still throwing on a line. Another throwing drill, the quick toss, develops quick hands and feet. Stricklin teaches a three-step technique when fielding in the outfield. Another fielding drill focuses on the backhand/forehand technique where players move right and left to catch ground balls. Line drive drills teach players footwork and turns in both directions. The line drive back drill puts emphasis on quickly making two steps in the direction of the sprint for the ball. Fly ball drills require more running and excellent footwork, getting behind the ball. Drills like charge the ball, in and out, reaction drill and the communication drill all address important aspects of outfield play. Ball in the Gap drill prepares players to secure the ball and make good throws to cut-off men. Fielding line drives and medium range flys are worked in the Fungo Drill. Getting a good jump and speeding up are two critical pieces of developing this skill. Don’t let weather outside determine your improvement! Use these drills to develop outfielder skills inside or out.

29 minutes.