Ian Pope’s Swimming Down Under: Freestyle

  • Presentation compares distance and sprint freestyle
  • Demonstration and video breakdown of Olympians Grant Hackett and Matt Targett
  • Includes start and turn instruction
  • Added feature: coaching young freestylers!
with Ian Pope,
Melbourne Vicentre Swimming Club Head Coach,
Olympic and National Team Coach for Australia; has coached a Gold Medalist in every World Championships since 1998 to 2009 ( 6 consecutive World championships).This is one of the most uniquely informative freestyle technique DVDs that has ever been produced.

Ian Pope dedicates this presentation to comparing and contrasting the technical nuances of the distance freestyle of three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Grant Hackett to that of Australian sprinter Matt Targett, a 2008 Olympic medalist and NCAA champion at Auburn. Both of these greats swam under Pope.

Pope’s nine-part instruction focuses on:

  • Body Alignment – Learn the ideal body positions for overall freestyle success, which includes etching the most efficient body “line” possible. To train this ideal position, Pope includes drills for both the sprint and distance events.
  • Kick – Pope compares and contrasts the powerful sprint kick that Targett incorporates to that of the 2-beat and sometime 4-beat kick that Hackett uses to maximize energy output in the distance events. Pope also touches on the need for the distance swimmer to finish with an aggressive 6-beat kick.
  • Contrasting Sprint and Distance Arm Strokes – Take a critical look at the more open recovery that many sprinters like Targett have implemented into their strokes. He compares this technique to the traditional lower high elbow and relaxed recovery of Grant Hackett.
  • Stroke Timing Differences – Pope shows each swimmer’s ability to hold pressure on the water while each uses different timing in the stroke to achieve maximum efficiency for their respective events.
  • Drills to Improve Freestylers – Learn 10 drills you can use to teach a powerful and efficient freestyle stroke.
  • Breathing Timing – Pope breaks down the essentials to breathing at the most ideal time in the arm cycle, while maintaining technical efficiency.
  • Starts – Every phase of a great freestyle start is included: block foot position, block balance, preferred hand position and grip, what the hands and arms do, what the feet and legs do and how to attain maximum drive off of the block into a great breakout. Get relay change over instruction that shows two different styles of the relay take offs.
  • Turns – Pope demonstrates his proven 4-step sequence for teaching a great freestyle turn. Included is the approach into the wall, the planting of the feet, the push off and streamline off of the wall. He then shows the breakout and breakout stroke.

As an added bonus, Pope works with a small group of young swimmers to demonstrate several drills in skill areas that pose the greatest coaching challenges.

Order now and start putting Pope’s experience, success and wisdom to work for your team!