Ian Pope’s Swimming Down Under: Butterfly

  • Get complete instruction for swimming a faster butterfly
  • Butterfly-specific start and turn instruction included
  • Includes segment for coaching younger butterflyers
  • features stroke demonstration by World Record Butterflyer Marieke Guerher
with Ian Pope,
Melbourne Vicentre Swimming Club Head Coach,
Olympic and National Team Coach for Australia; has coached a Gold Medalist in every World Championships since 1998 to 2009 ( 6 consecutive World championships).In this presentation from Australia’s Melbourne Vicentre Swimming Club, head coach Ian Pope shares the technical skill set for swimming incredible butterfly.

This seven-part presentation begins with a breakdown of the whole butterfly stroke. Pope starts with the exit of the hands into recovery discussing the arm action of the recovery in relation to the body and head position. He then discusses the catch or anchor position, offering tips for getting the hands and elbows into the ideal “power position” to shift the body to come up and over the arm stroke.

Pope details the technical differences in the arm action of sprint butterflyers vs that of the 200 flyer and includes the kick differences of sprint fly and distance fly. Learn the proper body positioning for each phase of the stroke that separate the best butterflyers from the pack. Pope also details the similarities of the hand in-sweep position under the body with his world class flyers.

The DVD also features:

  • Arm Movement – Pope teaches two drills that focus on the arm movement coordinating with good body position and anchoring with a good high elbow catch.
  • Rhythm and Timing – Learn the key elements to attain ideal timing. Pope feels the key to proper timing is in the connection of the hips to the catch position and the hip position on the exit of the stroke, while all the time focusing on a tight, forward focused undulation on the water.
  • Butterfly Start – Pope presents the forward start skill set and connects it to a butterfly breakout. This segment includes block positioning of the feet, legs, hands and arms and instruction on generating maximum power off of the blocks and carrying that speed into the water for a great streamline and breakout.
  • Turns and Breakouts – Discover four turn drills you can use to train a tight and fast turn into the breakout. Learn strategies for the fly breakout and specifics on when to begin the dolphin kick off of the wall.
  • Breathing and Breathing Patterns – Pope offers breathing pattern strategies for the 50, 100 and 200 races. Learn five drills to incorporate the breath with the timing of the stroke
  • Coaching Young Butterflyers – Pope takes a small group of younger swimmers through a stroke progression, complete with drills to teach all of the key fundamentals of efficient butterfly. Throughout this segment, Pope offers invaluable tips for teaching and coaching the butterfly more effectively with your younger swimmers.

Demonstrations for this DVD are provided by Marieke Guerher (2009 World Champion Butterlfy and former short course world record holder in the butterfly).

Pope has also coached Australian greats such as Michael Klim, Matt Welsh, Grant Hackett, and Matt Targett.

Get proven, time-tested techniques from Ian Pope!