Ian Pope’s Swimming Down Under: Breaststroke

  • Over 35 drills to enhance breaststroke performance
  • Learn the key components for swimming great breaststroke
  • Includes start and turn instruction
  • Includes a segment on coaching breaststroke with younger swimmers
with Ian Pope,
Melbourne Vicentre Swimming Club Head Coach,
Olympic and National Team Coach for Australia; has coached a Gold Medalist in every World Championships since 1998 to 2009 ( 6 consecutive World championships).World renowned swim coach Ian Pope presents the technique, drills and skills he uses to train world class swimmers. Pope acknowledges that this stroke is perhaps the most difficult to coach as the key to success hinges upon great timing and good technique.

Pope starts his breaststroke analysis by showing how to attain the proper body balance to produce a forward-focused stroke. From the streamlined body position, he details the arm action sequence that is necessary to anchor with the hands and arms that allows for the connection from the core through the body. Pope presents the concept of driving the core to the hands from the anchor position on the insweep before releasing the hands into the stroke recovery.

Pope next dissects the hand, head and body connection that allows the swimmer to drive forward on a straight line back into the base starting position of the stroke. This stroke analysis provides the base for the drills that train each aspect of the stroke.

Pope then takes you through a detailed seven-part demonstration of the breaststroke:

  • Arm Action Drills: Get a 10-drill progression for the arm action of the breaststroke that will assist your swimmers in developing a better feel for the stroke.
  • Kicking: Pope provides an on-deck demonstration of the key components of the breaststroke kick, showing how to maximize power in the movement. He demonstrates 13 drills to train and enhance the kick.
  • Timing: Pope shares strategies to enhance flow and length of the stroke.
  • Starts: Learn the mechanics of the block start along with the nuances for the breaststroke-specific start.
  • Underwater Pullout: Maximize your power and distance of off of starts and turns.
  • Turns: See a three-drill progression to teach the breaststroke turn. These drills reinforce a tight, tuck-fast spin incorporating quick hand action. All essential skills for a fast breaststroke turn.
  • Finishes: Pope teaches the techniques for a favorable finish position.
  • Speed Development: Pope shares techniques he uses to train breaststroke speed before reviewing all aspects of the full stroke.

Pope concludes the DVD by going on deck with a group of young swimmers to show how he approaches teaching breaststroke to age groupers. This segment offers a great look at implementing drills and techniques to effectively teach and coach less experienced swimmers.

Ian Pope has coached world class swimmers such as Marieke Guerher, Michael Klim, Matt Welsh, Grant Hackett, and Matt Targett. Now you can bring Pope’s proven techniques to your pool!