How to Run the ’House Offense’

With Cindy Timchal

US Naval Academy Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach; former University of Maryland Women’s Lacrosse Coach, 2X National Coach of the Year, 8X NCAA Champions

Coach Timchal’s offensive approach, known as the “House Offense,” has helped produce eight national championships. For the first-time ever, Timchal presents the techniques, strategies and drills for this potent attack. The “House Offense” is a 7-man balanced attack. Through marker-board diagrams and on-field demonstration, Timchal teaches the stick work, spacing and player responsibilities needed to implement this attack. The drills featured include the diagonal shooting shuttle drill, the 4-on-4 drill, 1-on-1 drill, 3-on-2 drill and more competitive practice drills. These drills work on improving offensive and defensive skills, communication, teamwork, stick work, and spacing. National success for Coach Timchal has become a habit. Her ability to coach the skills and technique within an organized system is her key. This DVD can open the door to fundamental skill work, spacing, and balance.

35 minutes.