Hitting Drills for Every Phase of the Swing

  • Learn to analyze the softball swing with 10 key phases
  • Discover drills to teach and correct each key phase of the swing
  • Use drills to prepare your hitters for different types of pitching and pitches
with Ehren Earleywine, University of Missouri Head Softball Coach;
3 WCWS appearances; 2x Big 12 Coach of the Year; 3xNFCA Midwest Coach of the Year; over 280 career winsLearn 24 key drills to improve and correct errors in the softball swing. Three-time College World Series coach Ehren Earleywine, provides an overview of the 10 key phases of the swing. Earleywine provides an in-depth breakdown in the video Softball Hitting Absolutes. To help illustrate the 10 phases, Earleywine analyzes video clips of his Missouri hitters compared to amateur hitters and points out key absolutes for each phase of the swing.

Each drill includes excellent demonstration, coaching points and what to look for as you teach and execute the drill. In addition, Earleywine demonstrates drills that he uses to prepare his athletes for different types of pitchers and pitches, including a timing drill, a two-tees drill to correct improper bat path, and drills for hitting rise balls and drop balls.

Coach Earleywine also offers advice about drills in general, pointing out that he stays away from gimmicks and wants any drill he uses with his hitters to be as realistic and game-like as possible.

Ramp up your run production this season by fully training and developing each phase of the swing!