High School Coach’s Blueprint for Success: Throws

  • Over 2 hours of comprehensive instruction on managing and teaching the throws events
  • Includes proven techniques and drills for the glide shot, spin shot and the discus
  • Perfect for coaching all levels of throwers from the first timers to the most experienced
  • Over 2 hours of footage for only $49.99
with Bill Godina,
35 years of coaching experience at the high school and elite levels,
30 State Champions in WY, CO and AZ; (including WY Boys and CO Girls Shot and Discus record holders);
Men’s Discus Chair, USA Track & Field Development CommitteeThis is the most comprehensive throws DVD on the market today. Get insight from throws coaching legend Bill Godina into building a complete program for the throws including seasonal planning, administrative duties, strength training and technical instruction and drills on the glide shot, spin shot and discus throw.

Outside the Ring

Learn strategies for selecting, recruiting and retaining your throwers. Gain insight into testing protocol for determining potential, how to choose the most cost-effective equipment, how to evaluate and organize your facilities, team rules and expectations, team culture, goal setting for beginning and advanced throwers, and more.

Godina also delivers comprehensive planning and training strategies.

  • Training Plan – See Godina’s annual plan and a plan for the 3-4 month season. His unique plan accounts for three groups of athletes that are universal in any program: 1) The track only athlete, 2) the fall sport athlete, and 3) the fall/winter sport athlete. This information will help you understand how to work each group under one umbrella of training once the track season begins. Godina’s seasonal plan is a 3-phase plan that ends with peaking for championships.
  • Strength Training – Godina’s strength program dovetails with his three group training plan. He explains his strength program in detail and lays out his lifting schedule.
  • Workouts and Workout Construction – Learn the elements of what makes a successful workout before detailing his workout construction.
  • Technique Training – Godina details how he works technique instruction into each practice.
  • Meet Day Protocol and Strategies – Godina discusses dual meet protocol that may include JV and varsity throwers, invitational meets that allow 2-4 competitors per team, and state meet protocol. This section is packed with proven tips and strategies for both the coach and athlete garnered from years of experience.
  • Performance Tracking – Use performance tracking to program your athletes to get better each week.

Inside the RingDiscus Throw – Watch as Godina builds a successful discus thrower using a front-of-the-ring, to the middle-of-the-ring, to the back-of-the-ring progression. Throughout the progression, Godina highlights key technical points to add distance to your throws and points out common errors that steal distance.

Included are alternate training drills to develop hip and back strength for both discus throwers and shot putters. These medicine ball drills can be outdoors or indoors during inclement weather.

Glide Shot Put Technique – Learn the key elements, drills and the teaching progression for the glide technique including grip, push and wrist flick. Godina teaches the glide progression from the front of the ring to the back of the ring. Within each skill, you will learn invaluable tips for both novice and experienced throwers. Included are demonstration breakdowns of each skill set including common errors and corrections.

Rotational Shot Put Technique – Godina’s instruction parallels that of his discus instruction with the exception of the position of the apparatus. Includes essential drills for teaching rotational movement.

This presentation is the most comprehensive instructional throwing product that has ever been produced and a must have for your video library. Translate Godina’s experience and insight into success with your team!