High School Coaching Academy: Setting & Attacking

  • Put your attackers in position to terminate the ball
  • Learn the 6 key techniques that provide the most consistent sets–and how to teach them in practice
  • Learn quality arm swing and footwork mechanics for better attacking
  • Teach transition footwork for setters and attackers
with Tom Keating,
former Dubuque Wahlert HS Head Coach,
11x state champions, 7x Iowa coach of the year and 2003 National coach of the year.Put your attackers is position to terminate the ball!

Tom Keating introduces the proper hand position, contact point, and follow-through for setting the ball. High school players then demonstrate a drill progression that takes players from simple hand contact through front and back sets. This is followed by seven group drills that reinforce setting techniques. Coach Keating then covers footwork patterns that will help setters transition from serve receive to target from six rotations. Defensive transition footwork progressions begin with just a setter in base defense and gradually add passers and attackers to simulate game conditions.

The second half of the video focuses on attacking technique. Coach Keating first breaks down the mechanics of a quality arm swing, showing two drills to help emphasize proper form and contact point. He then examines each step of a three-step approach, providing an explanation of the roles that the hips, feet, and arms play in take-off. Keating takes his players through a thorough demonstration of transition footwork patterns from the free ball, block, and digging positions. This is further divided into patterns for left, right, and middle attackers.

The two disciplines of setting and hitting are combined to include the transition game for both setters and hitters through a series of attacker transition drills.

This informative video does a great job of articulating the mechanics that make up the setting and attacking skills, and then shows how players can use these skills in game situations. Coach Keating provides an abundance of teaching points that coaches can use to convey these skills to players.

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