High School Coaching Academy: Defense & Blocking

  • Use your block for more than just stuffing a shot
  • Gain the advantage in the transition rallies and win more transition points–and games
  • Learn 5 keys to playing championship-caliber defense
  • Get tips to communicate effectively as a defensive unit
with Tom Keating,
former Dubuque Wahlert HS Head Coach,
11x state champions, 7x Iowa coach of the year and 2003 National coach of the year.Effectively defend various types of attacks with proper body position.

Tom Keating covers all aspects of defense starting with the first line of defense – blocking. Blocking is more than just stuffing the ball for points. Keating introduces proper blocking form by explaining effective hand, arm and hip positioning. This is followed by a progressive series of stretching exercises that will help to reinforce blocking technique. Learn four footwork patterns that will help your blockers efficiently span the net.

Keating closes the blocking segment by explaining how to gain effective position versus the attacker, and when to jump in order to maximize block potential. A series of block jump drills provides quality repetitions to train necessary footwork techniques while conditioning your athletes. Keating also includes one- and two-hand blocking drills to emphasize hand positioning in order to control the ball.

The next segment of the video focuses on defensive philosophy and technique. Coach Keating discusses the importance of team communication and how to read the opposing team in order to better defend them. He then breaks down defensive posture and passing technique. He further explains how to make adjustments in the digging posture based on the speed and trajectory of the attack.

The video ends with five defensive drills that emphasize communication, movement, ball control, and aggressiveness. The series starts with pepper drills that focus on the mechanics of defensive digging. He finishes the session with team oriented drills that put the digging mechanics and philosophies into action.

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