Gary Gait: Coaching Girls Lacrosse – Basic Skills & Drills

With Gary Gait,

Syracuse University Women’s Head Coach, Coach of the NLL Champions (2006); member of the United States Lacrosse National Hall of Fame (2005) and the National Lacrosse League Hall of Fame

In this detailed presentation, Gary Gait, arguably the greatest lacrosse player of all time, covers the critical lacrosse fundamentals and foundations for girls lacrosse players, beginning with basic stick skills. Gait demonstrates the proper technique for cradling the stick, catching the ball and throwing the ball. An excellent gauge for improvement is a player’s ability to control the ball. This can be done by developing a cradle with the ball in the pocket. Young players can also improve by learning to attack a ground ball and scoop it off the ground. Shuttle drills add movement to skills. He includes single player and partner drills. His shuttle drills also develop good dodging skills. The finer skills of playing defense are also taught and demonstrated. Shooting and offensive skills are necessary when developing the complete lacrosse player. The regular, short and close shot are skills that require good technique and practice and are demonstrated as well. This is an excellent teaching tool for girls lacrosse coaches.

67 minutes.