Fast & Furious Tennis: Advanced Movement Techniques

With Chris Russell,

University of Washington Associate Head Men’s Tennis Coach

Coach Russell presents drills for developing the skills of explosive court movements and angle coverage to improve position on the ball. His main focus is the ’big hop’, a move that expands explosiveness and court coverage. The ’big hop’ is a great tool when returning the second serve. It also takes time away from the server and reduces the chance of error. This technique is also presented as a valuable strategy in doubles play. On-court players demonstrate resetting offensive position on the volley. Russell also covers the specialized forehand, which allows the player time to get positioned on top of the ball. Other movement techniques covered include the ’dipper’, the ’waddle’, the ’sharpie’ and chasing the ball. Russell also analyzes the curve of the ball on volley shots. The proper curve makes it very difficult for opponents to hit effective return shots. This is an excellent training tool for tennis players serious about taking it to the next level!

46 minutes.