Dynamic Defensive Drills for Infielders

  • Excel at every element of fielding, including approach, glove action, arm action, full body throwing, and the correct footwork throughout
  • Master the routine ground ball and create the foundation for handling the most challenging hits
  • Field and deliver the ball in a specific time frame that will beat-out college runners
  • Choose the correct glove and break it in properly to improve its effectiveness
with Ed Servais, Creighton University Head Coach;
In 2009 Creighton lead the NCAA Division I baseball in fielding percentage (.984), consistently ranks in the Top 5 in the nation in fielding percentageDuring his tenure as Head Coach at Creighton University, Ed Servais has coached his teams to the highest fielding percentage in the country, with no other Division I team committing as few errors. Creighton has achieved a single-year fielding percentage as high as .984, which is the best in the NCAA aluminum bat era.In this video, Coach Servais dismisses the labels of “hard” and “soft” hands and shows what’s really going on – poor technique vs. proper technique. Servais covers every aspect of fielding, including:

  • The glove – how to choose it, break it in, and wear it
  • Two types of ready position that get the feet active and the glove prepared
  • The approach – from first step, through attack, to the last two steps
  • The glove action that emphasizes “up” before “in” which improves control, and avoids balls off the heel
  • Two footwork patterns for the throwing action
  • The arm action that increases accuracy and reduces errors

Coach Servais also presents a complete throwing program that progresses from the ground up, isolates every element of the throw and places a high premium on accuracy.

He shares his rapid catch and rapid fire drills that feature two drills to develop footwork on long and short relays, dead ball touch drill, the “Last Two Steps” drill, the “Short Hop Series” that creates proper hand position and keeps the chin down, fielding progression drill, baby gator training glove and no-glove fielding drills, and a timing drill in which coach Servais reveals the precise delivery-time target for beating out college runners.

Raise your team’s fielding percentage with an approach proven to develop mastery and that leads to success on game day.