Drill Progressions for Developing Corner Infielders

  • Make your first baseman a defensive weapon
  • Employ more than 20 drills that instill technical excellence and improve practice efficiency
  • Master Coach Buck’s effective “drill-progression” method to build confidence and create competence
with Brandon Buck, Mountain Pointe (AZ) High School Head Coach;
2011 5A Division I Arizona State Champs,
finished 2011 ranked #1 Nationally via Freeman’s Poll on Max Preps.Build confident corner infielders and lay a firm foundation for ongoing success. Brandon Buck presents over 20 drills to develop footwork and quick hands to cleanly field ground balls.First Base Technique
Coach Buck presents techniques and drills for perfecting footwork, glove work, stride, stance, fielding ground balls, handling slow rollers, making flips, getting the lead runner, working picks, eliminating swipes, holding runners, facing the throw, and keeping the bag-foot out of “cement,” while always taking full advantage of all 18 inches of the base to make outs. These points in combination will make your first basemen dangerous, defensive weapons and active creators of outs.

Third Base Technique
Coach Buck covers championship mechanics and movement. He starts with the stance that sets up success against everything from regular grounders to hot shots. He then moves on to techniques and drills for forehand and backhand picks, the approach, fielding with rhythm, executing double plays, and a trick for instantly stopping bobbles and successfully finishing the play.

Every segment employs Brandon Buck’s proven “drill-progression” technique, developing proper movements and instilling perfection through a logical series in which each drill builds on the one prior. This unique approach simultaneously instills confidence and creates competence. Drills also include creative use of the pitching machine in order to maximize fielding reps, minimize fatigue, and free up more of the field.