Drill Progressions for Developing Catchers

  • Understand and perfect the catcher’s #1 job
  • Learn 20 drills for perfecting each facet of catching
  • See drill progressions for receiving, blocking, throwing, tagging and funneling rather than framing
with Brandon Buck, Mountain Pointe (AZ) High School Head Coach;
2011 5A Division I Arizona State Champs,
finished 2011 ranked #1 Nationally via Freeman’s Poll on Max Preps.Brandon Buck emphasizes that the catcher’s #1 job is to “keep a strike a strike,” and shows you the tools and techniques that enable every catcher to execute it effectively. He also draws an important distinction between funneling and framing and shows why funneling is more desirable.

Coach Buck covers receiving, blocking, throwing, footwork, glove work, stance, body positioning, swaying, throws to second, getting the fast angle to third, back-picking at first, and handling the pitching staff.

He supplies tips for throwing runners out with the feet, keeping the throw from rising, “snaking” on bare-hand pickups, “dustpan-broom” scooping, handling bunts and tags, reading throws, plays at the plate and a method for luring runners to slide where you want in order to make the out and avoid injury.

He even shares a simple technique for positioning the glove on the hand so the catcher “stays soft.”

Every segment employs Brandon Buck’s proven “drill-progression” approach, developing proper movements and instilling confidence and competence through a logical series in which each drill builds on the one before.

An excellent DVD filled with receiving and framing drills that will help your catcher “keep a strike a strike.”