Dominating 1-3-1 Zone Defense

Features & Benefits
  • Create more turnovers
  • Put pressure at the point of attack
  • Stop strong post play
  • Compete with superior teams
with Steve Klaas, Adams Friendship (WI) High School Head CoachForce your opponents to constantly react, rather than dictate the action on offense.

Coach Klaas has compiled an incredible record and has been consistent throughout his coaching career. The reason for his success is the 1-3-1 zone. This defense starts with ball pressure, utilizes both” traps and fake traps” and provides tremendous “team help.”

Coach Klaas starts the DVD by explaining the personnel required to play each position. He goes over the “five rules” needed to play the 1-3-1, which include stance, watching the eyes of the passer, move when the ball is in the air, look for deflections and aggressively go to the boards.

Klaas teaches the simple execution of the defense. Klaas demonstrates the many adjustments that can be made out of this very effective defense by “overloading the defense.” He offers countless teaching points in stopping penetration, handling screens, and applying various traps. Klaas also teaches adjustments for various situations such as playing against a 7-footer, good shooting teams and penetrating guards.

This defense is predicated on multiple coverages out of the 1-3-1 alignment. Klaas includes different trapping options, such as corner traps, trapping when the ball crosses half court and extending the 1-3-1 as a three-quarter court half-court press. Finally, Klaas briefly explains a 3-2 zone he has been experimenting with.

Coach Klaas concludes this DVD with 10 minutes of game footage that reinforces the alignments and rotations that have allowed his teams to consistently upset more athletic opponents.