Cutting Edge Speed and Agility: Speed, Power, Agility and Reaction



with Todd Norman,
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), M.S. Kinesiology,
founder The Cutting Edge – Athletic Performance Enhancement, Trains elite athletes such as Mark Sanchez (NFL), Lindsay Davenport (3x Grand Slam Champion) and Paul Kariya (NHL)

Todd Norman has trained top athletes in many sports including such notables as Mark Sanchez (NFL), Lindsay Davenport (3x Grand Slam Champion) and Paul Kariya (NHL).

In this video, Norman builds on the base movement training regimen presented in his video, “Warm-up, Dynamic Stretching and Movement Preparation” (GD-02757A) and takes your training to a whole new level. Norman demonstrates overÿ150 demanding exercises for the advanced development of athletes.ÿ

Force Production Training
The first series of drills are “force production” drills, also known as plyometrics, which are continuous and repetitive drills designed to stimulate and train fast twitch muscle fibers.

There are 13 plyometric drills in Norman’s vertical training series and 23 drills in a second series that addresses lateral, diagonal, horizontal and upper body plyometric training. “Resisted Force Production” training is also an intense portion of this second series, and Norman describes three key drills he utilizes to train elite level athletes.ÿTraining tools include low and high hurdles, medicine balls, weight belts, and bungee cords.ÿ

“Force Production with Movement” is an advanced 18 drill series that combines sprinting and change of direction with explosive movements.ÿ

Quick Feet and Change of Direction Training
This segment is dedicated to advanced quick feet and change of direction drills and is broken down into four parts:


  • resisted agility drills (30)
  • half-ladder and mini-hurdle agilities (26)
  • cone drills and reactive agilities (36)
  • resisted/assisted agilities (21)


Post Workout Stretching Routine
Coach Norman shares his post workout partner stretching routine for enhanced flexibility and effective recovery.

Program Design
To bring it all together, Norman lays out guidelines and suggestions for setting up a training program using the drills from this video.

With over 150 high quality drills, you will always have a wealth of drills to choose from as you develop your workouts; whether you are training as an individual or preparing your team for competition.