Curriculum Guide to the Discus

  • Learn verbal cues to assist your athletes in understanding the mechanics of the discus throw and visual cues to look for when your athletes are executing drills
  • Get over 50 drills that you can modify for all level of throwers
  • Understand the discus from an aerodynamic standpoint and how to deal with wind and other factors to achieve your best throws at meets
  • Includes specific strength drills to develop discus throwers
with Larry Judge,
former National Chairman of the Throws for the USATF Coaching Education and was named a USATF Master Coach in 2002; has coached over 100 All-Americans and 8 OlympiansHere is your A-to-Z training plan to develop your discus throwers from day one of practice through your championship meet.

Nationally recognized throwing coach Larry Judge presents nearly two hours of video instruction that provides an extensive array of skills and drills meant to improve any discus thrower from the beginner to the nationally elite. This DVD is meant as a curriculum guide for both athletes and coaches at all levels and will help to add new “tools” into your discus “toolbox.” Coach Judge gives you a wealth of knowledge to help you customize your program and infuse variety into your workouts.

Each segment of the throw is broken down into specific sequences beginning with simple drills and progressing to more complex tasks. This “academic approach” to teaching the discus will show you when to use a drill, why to use it and how to do it properly. Coach Judge covers lessons on:

  • Block and Arm Strike
  • Grip and Release
  • Learning the Power Position
  • Learning the Lower Body Action
  • Throwing Progression
  • Rotational Transition Drills
  • Learning the Starting Position
  • Entry Drills from the back of the Ring
  • Entry Drills
  • Throwing Series
  • Special Strength Exercises

With over 50 step-by-step drills and explanations, this video covers everything you will need to start teaching/throwing the discus in a few short hours. Taking you from the basic Throw on your Knees Series of drills all the way through the Full Spin these drills reinforce the skills need to become a successful discus thrower/coach.

Also included is a series of Special Strength Exercises, Medicine Ball Drills and Specific Flexibility chapters to help in advancing ‘your education.’ Coach Judge stresses the importance of being creative with your workouts and training drills to suit the needs of your particular athletes.

With this ‘Lesson Plan Approach’ to teaching the discus, it is easy to understand why Larry Judge is looked upon as one of the premier throwing coaches in the country. Whether you are a beginning coach or athlete, or just want to brush up on the exciting event of discus throwing, this DVD covers it all!