Complete Daily Throwing Preparation Program

  • Learn a stretch that will help counter the natural loss of range of motion that occurs during a season
  • Use compression throws to help develop arm strength and help prevent injuries to your pitchers’ arms
  • Make throwing an event to help your pitchers further develop their technique on a daily basis
  • Use flat-ground work to practice all aspects of pitching, including pre-pitch routine, gap movements, focus, intent, and even pick-offs and intentional walks
with Derek Johnson,
Chicago Cubs Minor League Pitching Coordinator;
former Vanderbilt University Associate Head Coach/Pitching Coach;
2004 National Pitching Coach of the Year,
2010 National Assistant Coach of the Year;
the 2011 Vanderbilt pitching staff led SEC in ERA and strikeouts.Under Coach Johnson’s tutelage, six Vanderbilt pitchers have been drafted in the first round, including David Price who was taken by the Tampa Bay Rays as the first pick of the first round in 2007.How can you develop arm strength and improve throwing mechanics while preventing injury? In this lecture-style presentation, 2004 National Pitching Coach of the Year Derek Johnson reveals his three throwing programs and how to prepares his pitchers to throw in practice.

Coach Johnson takes you through a step-by-step look at Vanderbilt’s complete throwing preparation program, accompanied by a video explanation of each exercise. Johnson shows you cross symmetry and the two levels you should always work, along with exercises for each level to get you properly started. He then goes over foam rolling exercises which help muscles recover, improve mobility and reduce aches and pain from competition.

You will learn 10 stretches that every Vanderbilt pitcher does before throwing, including ‘No Money’ and a martial arts inspired move called Tea Cups. He shows you the exact mechanics of each stretch including how to do the stretch correctly vs. incorrectly. Additionally, coach Johnson discusses common arm injuries and gives you certain stretches that will help prevent such injuries.

Open up Coach Johnson’s ‘tool shed’ and choose from a variety of quick feet and mobility drills to finish your warm-ups.

Along with video examples, Johnson explains the three types of throwing, how to approach each session, and he even gives you exact distances, times, and tips on how to get a stronger arm and become a better pitcher through specific throwing drills. The easy long toss program is used to stretch out and massage the arm. The long toss program is used to increase arm strength. Coach Johnson also introduces you to “compression throwing” for developing velocity and Vanderbilt’s skill work done at the end of each throwing program.

Working from initial catch play, through focused and purposeful long toss, back to compression throws (maintaining your long toss effort, but compressing it into 60’6″), Coach Johnson’s proven approach will not only help you or your pitchers gain arm strength and arm speed, it will also improve all aspects of being a pitcher.

Add this warm-up and throwing routine to you program and see immediate gains in the health and development of your pitchers.