Coach’s Guide to Team Building

With Greg Dale,

Ph.D. Duke University Sport Psychologist

In The Coach’s Guide to Team Building, Dr. Greg Dale shares the framework and the necessary building blocks for successful team building. His philosophy is that successful team building is a year round process, naturally occurring as three distinctive seasons: “Pre-Season,” “In Season” and “Off-Season.” The “Pre Season” section shares strategies and creative ideas for implementing experiential (group problem solving) activities, evaluating and molding team culture, team roles, developing pride in a team’s sub-units, and understanding the stages of team building. During “In-Season,” Dale stresses the importance of ongoing communication with team leaders, the benefits of sharing team ownership with your team, and strategies for an effective and honest “open door” policy with athletes. He also shares the value of implementing “positive confrontation” situations among team members, along with the importance of planning experiential activities outside of the sport. The “Post-Season” section offers tips for continuity through ongoing communication with team members.

42 minutes.